How do I edit the price or time on an enquiry?

A quick look at our flexible communication systems

Gabriel Isserlis

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We’ve built Tutti to be as flexible for you as possible.

First of all, not every artist will have an exact date in mind, so we enable people to message you without a date. That is a direct message, and while it will come into your inbox it won’t have a date and time, and an artist will not be able to pay for the booking via a message. For that, they’ll have to start an enquiry.

If an artist knows their date, they’re prompted to send an enquiry. 

If an artist can be flexible on their date or time, they can check a box to say this when sending their enquiry. If they do, our system will tell you, right below the requested time/day in inbox details. 

We don’t want you to have to cancel and restart an enquiry if the plans change as that’s a massive waste of time. So on Tutti, you can edit both the date/time as well as cost, as many times as you want until an enquiry is paid for and the booking is confirmed.  

If you want to change the times or the cost, we suggest talking about it with the enquirer first, and then once a time or price has been agreed over chat, you can change it on our system in the details section.

The “Edit times” button will change date and time. And will be visible to you from the moment you receive the enquiry until the moment the artist pays.

Important to note: this button is also visible to artists, so they can also change the date/time of their enquiry, until you have accepted their request.

The “Edit cost” button will change the amount the artist has to pay. We like to be as clear and transparent as possible, so within this system we tell you how much the original amount was, and let you know up front how much you will receive after Tutti fees, depending on how much you set the new total to. 

If you ever receive an enquiry you can’t accommodate, do let the artist know, and see if they can do it at a different time. More than 80% of the artists who enquire on Tutti can be flexible by time or day. If the enquiry can be moved, simply edit the times within the request, rather than asking a user to start over. It’ll save everyone time, and keep things simpler for your records. 

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