How much does Tutti cost?

Tutti is free to use: free to sign up, create profiles, browse spaces, and send messages

Charlie Spokes

Last Update a year ago

Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

You can sign up, browse spaces, list spaces, create profiles, and explore our site entirely for free.

We never hide fees, all pricing is transparent, and we will always give you ample warning if any of our pricing changes.

What does this mean for hosts?

It is entirely free to sign up and list a space on Tutti.

We even help market your space to our ever-growing community completely free of charge.

So how do you make money? we hear you ask.

We charge 10% commission on successful bookings, so we only make money when you do. We're invested in your space's success, because our success relies on yours!

That's not very much - do you actually make money from that?

Well, not really. Our industry is hurting after COVID, so we are doing our part to help, so we're helping cover a lot of costs with our 10% (check out this article here).

What does this mean for artists?

It is entirely free to sign up, browse spaces, and book them on Tutti. There are no added fees.The prices you see when booking a space, are the prices hosts set when listing their space with us.

How do payments work?

Check out our article on that here!

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