How do I view booking requests for my spaces?

Click the menu option "Requests" - there you can view requests in a calendar or list.

Charlie Spokes

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We have 4 sub-tabs to help you manage booking requests for your spaces. You can find them all in your menu, under 'requests.'

The first is Calendar

This tab gives you a visual overview of all past and upcoming bookings.

Confirmed & passed bookings are filled in.

  • Non-confirmed requests are outlined.
  • All future bookings show their status & times.
  • All passed bookings show their times & booking number.

You can click a booking in order to see more information.

  • Click the eye to open the full booking view and contact the artist.

The second is Upcoming

This tab gives you a quick overview list of all upcoming bookings with the soonest first.

The third is Need attention

As you can imagine, this is a list of all booking requests that require your attention. Most likely requests that have been sent to you but you haven't accepted yet.

And last is History

Here you will find a historic list of all requests you've been sent. Both the ones that took place, and those that didn't (for whatever reason), so you have a full audit trail of everything.

  • You can search by booking number to find specific past bookings you need to track the journey of over Tutti & email.

On history you will also see some money highlights:

  • the total you've made from Tutti bookings
  • the amount you're due to be paid soon, from confirmed bookings that have passed or are about to pass
  • the date you can expect the money in your account.

There, that's a brief overview of your request management system.

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