How do I become a Verified Host?

Fill out your listing, register payment details, and upload high resolution photos

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Verified Hosts

Verified Hosts are Tutti’s way of ensuring we offer quality and reliable spaces for artists. As a Verified Host your spaces will be seen more by artists, which increases booking rates.

Our search algorithm prioritises verified spaces, when people are searching. It's an easy way to get seen more in the 6000+ searches that happen each week. 

Additional places that we'll highlight verified hosts (numbers below as of 2023):

  • Tutti's home page under "Discover Tutti spaces" (average 3000 views per week - highly targeted audience)
  • Newsletters (targeted audience of over 2000 artists - monthly)
  • Social media posts (organic reach of 10,000 artists)
  • Boosted social media posts (average reach of 10,000 people per week)
  • Blue verified badges in search for added trust

How to become a Verified Host

It's simple to become a Verified Host, just follow the below 3 easy steps, and you'll be automatically upgraded to Verified! 

Step 1 (required)

Fill out your listing(s):

  • A short description of your space: general information and creative uses.
  • Add your “what3words” address for a detailed location.
  • Include full General, Creative and Covid details for your listing.
  • Include equipment available included in the booking price.
  • Include any additional equipment not included in the booking price

To edit your the listing details above, log into your account and go to: 

Listings > [Select Location of the Space] > [Select Space].

Step 2 (required)

Verify your payment details with Stripe:

  • To do this, simply log-in to your account and go to Settings > Payments > Update verification details on stripe.

Step 3

Add a minimum of 5 high-quality photos* to the listing:

  • Photo resolution is no less than 720p (1280 x 720 pixels).
  • Photos are descriptive of your space: clearly showing the rooms and any equipment available.

(Explore the Tutti home page to see examples of photos we consider high quality).

*Don’t have high-quality photos? Email us at [email protected] and we can try and help. 

Note: You can still get the blue verified badge if you only complete steps 1 & 2, but your space won't be highlighted across our newsletters, social media, profile pages, and home page.

Want to learn more about getting the most out of your listing on Tutti? 

Check out our knowledge base.

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