What is Tutti Pay?

Never worry about missing or losing track of payments, from anywhere, ever again.

Gabriel Isserlis

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Throughout the conversations we’ve had with a lot of our hosts, we kept hearing how many of you manage and keep track of payments:

  • Create and send an invoice
  • Wait for the client to tell you they’ve paid
  • If you don’t hear anything, check your bank account regularly and look for the payment, with the relevant amount or reference.
  • Mark items as “Paid” in a spreadsheet

I know not everyone does this but more than half the people we spoke to do, and this seems like a massive waste of your time. So we decided to help.

Introducing Tutti Pay: Quick payments & tracking

  • Create a unique payment link in just a few clicks, that you can send to anyone via any method.
    • Set the amount the user is due to pay (inclusive or exclusive of VAT depending on your situation)
  • Clients can pay by card, or where relevant: Apple pay, or Google pay
  • The second the payment is made, your payment dashboard will automatically mark it as “paid”
  • Link specific payments to any enquiry you have, if you’ve synced your Google or Outlook calendar on Tutti

You will never have to check your bank account again manually or chase a client again, unsure whether they’ve paid or not. Our dashboard will tell you definitively. You will never manually mark items as paid in a spreadsheet and worry you may have marked the wrong item. And our payment dashboard interface looks like a spreadsheet, for your convenience.

Pricing for Tutti pay is different

In Q1 2023, the price is 3% per payment. 

  • This fee swallows any credit/debit card payment processing fees, so you never have to worry about those.
  • That'll increase over time as we add more features, but then also decrease IF you put more money through our system. The more payments you use this system for, the smaller our percentage fee will get.

To be clear: Any booking enquiries we get you through the Tutti marketplace will still charge 10% commission. But if you set up any payments manually in Tutti Pay, the fee there is 3%.

We built this system so you could use it in a number of ways:

  • To help you track payments linked to enquiries you get from anyone, anywhere: your website, google, social media, etc.
  • You can request additional payments from people who have booked via Tutti. For overtime charges, equipment usage, and more. You can create a new payment directly from your inbox for this scenario (see the video tutorial below)

All you need to do to to use Tutti pay is log in to partners.tutti.space and make sure you are all set up with Stripe payments (in settings → payments)

This is one step (of many) in our mission to give you more time to focus on the human elements of your business. We’d love to hear what you think.

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