How does the marketplace payment system work?

We use Stripe for safe, secure, and automatic payments. They handle millions of payments for thousands of companies around the world every day.

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Here is a video of how a booking and payment looks to both artists and hosts on the Tutti marketplace (artist on right, host on left): 

(This is not the same as Tutti pay, which is helps you accept payments outside of the Tutti marketplace) 

How much is Tutti's commission?

For bookings we helped you get with our marketplace, we charge 10% commission. 

This fee swallows:

  • payment processing
  • any discounts we offered the artist

All revenue we earn, we put right back into the company. This allows us to:

  • build better time-saving features for you
  • market Tutti more and more which gets your listing more views
  • create faster & slicker systems to help everyone in the creative industries save time

When do I get paid?

We use Stripe for our payments. Stripe holds on to funds until after the booking is complete, and then transfers you the funds within 4-8 days of the event taking place. As you receive more payments over time from us, this delay may reduce. 

Also, please note that if multiple bookings happen close together, your payments for these may be clumped together. This is perfectly normal, and just how Stripe works!

What are the benefits of setting up Stripe?

Not only do you get automatic payments from Tutti, but you become a verified host, which means:

  • we can promote you on our newsletter
  • we can promote you across our blogs, list pages, and home page
  • you get a green "verified" badge on all your listings

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