How do Tutti discounts affect me as a host?

In short they don't.

Charlie Spokes

Last Update 6 months ago

At Tutti, we are creating and distributing discounts in order to support our student users, and entice more bookings.

Most of these discounts will be 5% with no upper limit, though occasionally they will be a higher percentage, with a monetary cap.

We've integrated discounts into Tutti so that you as a host never lose money. Tutti always pays for 'Tutti created discounts' (we will build 'host enabled discounts' in the future which will be entirely yours to control)

How are discounts paid for on Tutti?

Most discounts will be smaller than our commission. In this case we will pay for the discount out of our commission.

Very occasionally the discount will be larger than our commission. In this case, we will be paying for the booking out of pocket, but that is an expense we're happy to cover if it means the general success of Tutti.

Our booking system is smart enough to do all of this automatically so you never ever have to worry about any of this, and it will never slow down you receiving money.

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