How do I list a space on Tutti?

Charlie Spokes

Last Update 2 years ago

Click this link.

  • If you have not signed up before, you will be asked to create a new account.
  • To continue, you will need to verify your email.
  • Once you're verified, you will set up a profile. Your profile will inform a potential hirer who the person or company behind a space is.
  • Next, you'll be shown a quick list of features we've built into Tutti for your benefit.
  • And finally, you'll be at a page that offers one button: "List a space"

On Tutti, we have locations and spaces:

Location: an individual building or area with 1 unique address (postal or what3word)

Spaces: individual rooms or areas within a location, that can be booked independently

  • For your first space, you will also need to define a location, but if all your spaces are in one building you won't need to do that for future spaces.
  • In order to list you will need information including photos, description, address (postal or what3word), and which creative uses (music, film, etc.) you’re happy to host.

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