Host & Space expectations and guidelines

In order to provide a comfortable and dependable experience for their guests, every Host should follow these basic guidelines.

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What we don’t allow

Unsafe spaces: A Host's space must be free of known health hazards (vermin, pests etc), undisclosed safety hazards (rat poison, blocked fire exits, electric shock risks), and must do their best to remedy any health & safety hazards that are brought to their attention by a guest or Tutti.

Unreliable communication: We expect Hosts to be responsive and willing to answer questions within a reasonable timeframe - from both Guests and ourselves at Tutti, and work with us to fix issues and reasonable requests. Note - we have a badge system to show how responsive you are to potential guests. Learn more about response time badges here.

Unreliable check-ins: Hosts must provide guests with the necessary information in order for them to gain access to their space (for example - clear directions, or simply to be there to answer the door!).

Inaccurate listings: A space, location, listing type, amenities, and facilities provided by a Host should accurately reflect the information provided in the listing description at the time of booking. Only after the guests have given their consent may hosts make changes to an accepted booking.

Hosting without permission and/or the necessary licenses: Tutti requires that all Hosts be authorized to host and that all applicable laws be followed.

Best practices

Avoid rejecting offers outright: If you're unable to accept a booking request at a certain time (or for any other reason related to the request), don't reject the offer - many artists are happy to be flexible with their requests and booking times, and are open to negotiation. If a request seems appropriate for your space, try and work with the artist to make it work!

Avoid cancelling on guests: No-one wants to have to rearrange their booking last minute!

Try to maintain a high overall rating: The higher your rating, the more likely you are to receive bookings! If an artist uses your space and you think it went well, suggest that they leave a rating!

We're here to help

Please let us know if you see or experience behaviour that violates our policies.

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