Catering for guests with accessibility needs

At Tutti, we welcome and support people with accessibility needs.

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We believe that all of our guests, regardless of their accessibility needs, should be safe in the knowledge that Hosts will provide totally accurate information about their accessibility features, and these can be found in the Accessibility dropdown in the General Information section of either a Space or a Location's page.

What we don’t allow

Feature misrepresentation: All listings must include accurate and up to date information about available accessibility features in the space and surrounding property. Hosts should be completely transparent regarding the accessibility features within a message thread with any guest with known accessibility requirements.

Additional fees for accessibility requirements: Hosts may not charge extra fees for assistance animals, assistive devices or access.

Denying reasonable requests: If asked, Hosts must grant reasonable requests for accessibility accommodation. For example, it’s reasonable to ask a Host to ensure obstacles or furniture are moved so that a guest in a wheelchair is able to comfortably use a space (assuming there is room to move it). However, it is not reasonable to ask a Host to make permanent and/or irreversible changes to a space for their access needs.

Denying reservations because of guest’s accessibility needs: Hosts may not decline, cancel, or otherwise change a reservation because a guest has accessibility requirements.

Unequal treatment: Guests should expect the same treatment, rules and behaviour from all Hosts, regardless of their accessibility requirements and needs.

Derogatory language: It is unacceptable to insult a guest or host based on their disability.

What we do allow

Requests to remove assistance animals not under the handler's control: For example, if an animal is left unsupervised during a reservation, is not house-trained or is being unruly. If a guest’s assistance animal is not under control, Hosts may request that the animal be removed.

We're here to help

If you witness or experience behaviour that goes against our policies, please get in touch.

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