How does the review system for artists work?

After your booking (about 48 hours to be precise), you'll receive an email reminding you that you have a 14 day window to review your experience.

Charlie Spokes

Last Update 4 months ago

You'll be asked to provide a star rating out of 5, and comment. In your review, please let us know for what purpose you used the space for, and consider things such as:

  • Was the listing for the site accurate to the space in person?
  • How fast were the Host's responses?
  • How was the value for money for your booking?

If applicable, you could include the following details too:

  • How were the acoustics?
  • How much noise could you hear from the road? Or how accurate was the noise level on the listing?
  • How was the lighting?
  • Did the space have all the equipment you needed?
  • Did you have any issues accessing any utilities you needed? Power? WiFi? Other?

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